Honors In Communication

All communication majors with a major GPA of 3.8 or higher at the conclusion of the fall semester of their senior year are eligible for honors. To obtain honors, eligible students can select a paper that they have already written for a previous communication class and revise that paper under the direction of a faculty member. The finished product should be a 15-20 page paper that is then submitted it to the UGC for acceptance.

Alternately, students may opt to present a creative project produced in a 300-level production class.  Papers or projects will then be presented to the faculty and students present at the end-of-the-year awards banquet.

The process for receiving honors thus begins at the conclusion of the fall semester of senior year when eligible students are notified about honors. Eligible students who are interested are then required to declare honors by the week before the last add/drop day; to select a paper or creative work; and to select a faculty member to work with. Once the student submits the final version of the paper or creative work to the UGC and is notified whether the work has been accepted by the committee, the students present the work at the Communication Department awards ceremony.

Honors in Communication 2016

Luke Kohler

Jaclyn Davis

Allison Pennington

Kelly Zullinger

Will Fitzgerald

Rebecca Skahen

Alexa Erb

Elizabeth Crowe

Heather Sullivan

Jonna Rautsola

Siobhan Callahan

Michael McLaughlin


Honors in Communication 2015 Honors in Communication 2014
 Matt ChaffinRichard Min
Natalie DittrichCatherine Orr
Alexandra DudleyLauren Hogan
Kelli DugganHillary Burns
Melissa OlneyElizabeth Law
Brandon RayJoshua Beasley
Marshall ShafferKirstyn Scott
  Amy Shackelford




Honors in Communication 2013Honors in Communication 2012
Sydney Danforth Diana Jessie Ammons
Cecile Joy VocelleSyril Smith
Elise Marie PaciccoAdair Mayer
Mary Katherine StuartAndrea Mika Ike
SheRea Talibah DelSolKelsey Lee Markovich
  Ellen Dicus

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