COM 120 Introduction to Critical and Creative Media (3h)
Introduction to the major theories and aesthetics of motion pictures and other media forms through a study of styles related to writing, directing, cinematography, editing, and sound.
Students are introduced to oral, written, and visual competencies required for successful completion of the major or minor.

COM 215 Broadcast Journalism (3h)
Introduction to the theory and practice of broadcast journalism. Topics include ethics, technology, and the media as industry, and projects address
writing, producing, and performing for radio and television.

COM 246 Black Popular Culture (3h)
Explores the various forms of Black popular culture and the cultural and intellectual politics the inform its reception and representation by scholars and the general public. Also listed as AAS 207.

COM 247 Media Production I (3h)
Students produce a variety of short-form media projects.
P – COM 120

COM 249 Sound Design and Soundtracks (3h)
A project-based exploration of sound design and soundtracks for media, film, and performance. Assignments will include field recording, Foley, ADR, synthesis, mixing, mastering, and using artificial intelligence for soundtracking and underscoring. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. CCM, production.

COM 259 Diversity in the Media (3h)
This course examines the role of media in the construction of social categories such as gender, race, class, and sexual orientation. The course presents a variety of perspectives that address diversity in relation to media, with an emphasis on entertainment media.

COM 270 Special Seminar (1h-3h)
Examination of selected topics. Can be repeated for credit if
the topics are different.

COM 280 Internship (1.5h, 3h)
Individual media studies internships to be approved, supervised,
and evaluated by an appropriate faculty adviser.
Pass/Fail only. P – POI

COM 284 Production Practicum I (1.5h)
Individual projects in debate to be approved, supervised, and evaluated by an appropriate faculty adviser.
Pass/Fail only. P—POI

COM 285 Production Practicum II (1.5h)
Individual projects in debate to be approved, supervised, and evaluated by an appropriate faculty adviser.
Pass/Fail only. P—POI.

COM 286 Individual Study (1-3h)
Directed study in an area of interest to be approved and
supervised by a faculty adviser. P – POI

COM 301 Film Genre (3h)
Explores the conventions and variations of film and media genres such as Science Fiction, Horror, Western, Anime, Epic, Noir, and others (content variable). Explores the history of the content in an international context from the beginning of the genre to the present. Film Genre may be repeated for credit as long as the genre type is different.

COM 310 Media Production II (3h)
Students produce advanced media projects over which they assume significant creative control. P – COM 247

COM 312 Film History to 1945 (3h)
Survey of the historical, technological, cultural and aesthetic developments of motion pictures to 1945.

COM 313 Film History 1945 to Present (3h)
Survey of the historical, technological, cultural, and aesthetic developments of motion pictures from 1945 to present.

COM 316 Screenwriting (3h)
Introduction to the art and practice of writing for the screen.
Through numerous exercises, students learn to use experiences, observations, and imagination to create compelling characters and stories for a variety of mediums and complete an original, short screenplay.

COM 318 Culture and the Sitcom (3h)
Explores the intersection of American culture and the television situation comedy, one of the oldest and most ubiquitous forms of television programming.

COM 319 Media Ethics (3h)
Examines historical and contemporary ethical issues in the media
professions within the context of selected major ethical theories while covering, among other areas, issues relevant to: journalism, advertising, public relations, filmmaking, regulation, and media management.

COM 320 Media Theory and Criticism (3h)
Critical study of media including a survey of major theoretical frameworks.
P – COM 120

COM 323 Superheroes, Cinema, and American Mythology (3h)
Examines the emergence of superhero films in American cinema as a representation and response to historical and ideological contexts.

COM 325 On-Camera Performance (3h)
Introduces the theory and practice of performing for the camera. Covers basic method acting, newscasting, and other performance formats.

COM 326 Advanced Screenwriting (3h)
Emphasis on narrative theory as well as examination
of the role of the screenwriter in the motion picture industry, the influence of genre on screenwriting, and exploration of non-traditional narrative structures. Students complete a feature-length screenplay. P – COM 316

COM 370 Special Topics in Media Studies (3h)
Examination of topics not covered in the regular curriculum. Can be repeated for credit if the topics are different.

COM 371 Feminist Media Studies (3h)
Employs critical and transnational approaches to media texts and the industry that produces them. Students will gain a deeper theoretical and critical understanding of media texts and how they both reflect and construct the human condition through reading, viewing, discussion, and writing.