CCM Major Requirements

A major in Critical and Creative Media requires 33 hours. All majors are required to take the following:

From within the Department of Communication:

From within the CCM major core curriculum:

Majors in Critical and Creative Media have the opportunity to concentrate in Film Studies.
Students wishing to earn the Film Studies Concentration must take the following:

Honors in Critical and Creative Media

Highly qualified majors are invited to apply for admission to the honors program in Critical and Creative Media. To be graduated with the designation “Honors in Critical and Creative Media,” students must have a major GPA of 3.8 or above prior to entering their final semester, declare for honors by the week before the last add/drop date, select a paper or creative project to work on at
an advanced level, secure a faculty member to advise the scholarly or creative project, and submit the final version of the project to the Honors Committee for acceptance.
Finally, no student may take more than a total of 9 hours in internship, practicum, and individual study combined, and only 3 hours of internship, practicum or individual study can count toward a major in Critical and Creative Media.